A Deserter Christmas – banned!


We are shocked and appalled that our TV advertisement A Deserter Christmas has been rejected by the UK regulator.

The full ruling is:

We regret to inform you that your advertisement ‘A Deserter Christmas’ has been withdrawn due to the following breaches of UK advertising rules as laid down by the Communication Act 2003:

a) it is directed toward a political end

b) it normalises harmful activity

c) it promotes indolence.

Watch the full ad here:

Almost an hour of hard work went into this piece, of which we are very proud. Several artists of medium calibre gave if not their all, then at least some of their all to create something very special and we are naturally disappointed it will now never be shown on Channel 5 between 3am and 5am, as planned.

We urge readers to protest this decision by buying our book, either from a local bookshop or online from Waterstones.


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