Deserter Pubcast #24

The Pub Manifesto, UK health, plus eels on drugs

Series 3, Episode 4

In this episode:

Bromley and rise and fall of Lord Haw-Haw
– That sodding book again
– Deserter video interview with GoCreate
– Christmas ad banned
– South West London Spoons
– A Moment of Silence
– Deserter School: Pubs & Drugs
– Beer & Pubs news from North Lambeth, Forest Hill, Hither Green
(Email: with your micropub name suggestions)
– Deserter Gamechanger Imperial IPA launch at the LBD on Dec 18th
– St Paul’s moved to South London
– Pollution: Eels getting high
– Most Britons live unhealthy lives
– Dulwich Hamlet return to Champion Hill
Coasting is good for you
– The Corporate Deserter: The Office
– Book Corner: Interview with James Dowdeswell about his book The Pub Manifesto; plus Heart of Dart-ness by Ned Boulting
– Social Media Scene

Thanks to James Dowdeswell, the Corporate Deserter and to Deadly Hedley for producing.


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