2019: A Year in Pictures

What happened this year? It’s like trying to piece together a dream: the more you reach for it the further away it seems. So just reach for a glass of something nice and let us remind you of all the important bits.


In January, @tigersgoroooar spotted a proper Deserter on the plane.

“No one has ever given less of a fuck than this guy.”

While @L3GSV observed an important new lifehack:

“On my train this morning I sat next to a man who had tied his head upright with a scarf.”


In February we were reminded that work is not just a form of state-organised subjugation but also something to be proud of, spotted by @CanopyBeerCo:

Take pride


Shaz spotted the best detour ever:

If you insist

While @stafschmool was reminded that while we all face choices, it’s how we respond to them that defines us:

@peccles_ETFC was persuaded that there might be some good things about living in the country, after all:

Bargain of the day

And the clocks went forward by one hour, heralding the start of Daylight Drinking Time:


As spring, sprang, @jackbart97 found a new hero:

In times of trouble, a leader will emerge.

Meanwhile at Clapham North, @rob_hyde spotted a new sign:


@tubbsmcguire found her favourite pub mirror:

And @stejormur took issue with a new Samsung slogan:

“I can only read this in a Cockney gangster accent. Sorry Samsung.”


In the summer we bowed down to greatness, spotted by @langcatlocke:

“To the lady drinking a pink gin and tonic *from a glass* on the Northern line, I salute you. Classy.”

While @asjmorris joined in with the trend for assisting knackered bees:

“Spotted a tired bee on the kitchen window ledge today, so gave it a tiny pint and a mini bag of nuts.”


A heatwave brought out the genius in one commuter, as seen by @BWaithe:

While The Raider unearthed the original Deserter manifesto. Pages of the stuff. Almost like we were drunk or something:


@MittenDAmour was smitten: “Absolute respect to the one person in London as resolutely fixed in their determination not to use an iron as I am.”

“Stand strong my crinkly comrade.”


As summer ebbed away, @running_past photographed a typical autumn scene for many South Londoners: A tiger guarding his apples in Manor Park, Lee:

While @CaseyKohner was reminded once again that life is full of tough choices:


@rooreynolds was impressed with a job well done:

And we were reminded by @eohiggins that Deserter children are our future. 


In November, @ _KevinBoniface_ noted a South London wildlife anomaly:

“This fridge was brought up by some bins in the wild and now it behaves just like one.”

While @trouteyes saw growing evidence of an epidemic in middle-class drug use:


In December, @JonDennis felt all seasonal in SW16:

“It’s that magical time of year when an AstroTurf cone is erected in Streatham.”

And we were reminded of the time that Half-life turned up at the pub with his Christmas cards:

Happy New Year to all our readers and here’s to fuck all in 2020.

Love and pints,



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