Deserter Pubcast #35

On the Trail of… David Bowie

Sponsored by Go Out London from London Carriages

Series 4, Episode 5

In this episode:

  • The 2020 World Cup of Pubs
  • Brixton AF night
  • RIP Mishi Dulwich Morath
  • Bowie in Brixton
  • Bowie in Beckenham
  • Pub Quiz
  • The News
  • Deserter in Stockholm
  • Tea Hut tragedy
  • Heaven and Hull
  • Bad Toilets
  • Brian Cox
  • Bum Dossers
  • Beret wearing in Sunderland
  • A poem
  • London loo codes
  • The worst job interviews

Accompanying images (click to expand)

Thanks to Helena, Jimmy, all the pubs and of course, to South London’s favourite son, David Bowie.

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