When Pubs Cry 2

More lockdown shenanigans

In this episode:

  • The point of walks
  • The life of a football manager
  • A new tune from the Raider
  • Horse racing from Hong Kong
  • Dirty’s missing years
  • Lessons from Lockdown
  • Rouleur recording
  • Dirty becomes a communist
  • Deserter puppet piss-up
  • The family history of Dirts & the Raider: murder, drugs & the ancestral home
  • Pub and Beer news
  • Brixton BookJam
  • Brockwell Park miniature railway
  • The Lucifer Tapes
  • Belgian potato glut
  • Complaints from Sunday Times readers
  • Nunhead FC
  • Pub polemic in the Independent
  • Feebs’ French Letter
  • Bum Dossers
  • Social Media Scene

Thanks to Feebs

Photo: Duncan Palmer

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