Deserter Pubcast #37

On the trail of… Oliver Reed.

Sponsored by Go Out London from London Carriages

Series 4, Episode 7

  • First pint back
  • Park pints
  • Raider’s birthday
  • Updated wedding anniversary gifts
  • Dirty’s staycation
  • Oliver Reed and the Wimbledon Run
  • The News: They’re open, The Rising Sun petition, Affinity brewpub, Common Rioters brewpub, Wimbledon Brewery beer reward
  • Free shower wine
  • Round The Grounds charity cycle
  • RIP Maggie
  • Vouchers
  • Oliver Reed and the Pissnic
  • Pub Tales: Cutty Sark and The Sultan
  • Bum Dossers: Conor, Allan Payne and Richard Porson
  • Social Media Scene

Thanks to all our listeners, our sponsor and all the bum dossers out there. But most of all, thank you pubs for being you.

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