Beer Press Release

The Return of Deserter IPA

Southey Brewing Company, in collaboration with beer-soaked lifestyle blog, Deserter, are set to bring back their classic “All Day Breakfast” tipple, Deserter IPA, next week. 

Produced at Southey’s brewery in South London, it will be reintroduced to coincide with Deserter’s funding campaign for their second book, Shirt, Rest and Play, just in time to make an appearance in Southey’s advent calendar and Santa’s sack of goodies for naughty girls and boys.

In a slightly tweaked recipe for 2020, this 5.5% IPA features an orgy of Citra, Cascade and Mosaic hops, before being dry hopped with El Dorado, Cascade and even more Citra. Absolute filth.

If you’ve attended a Deserter beer launch in the past, you’ll know they are not to be missed, nor remembered with any clarity. Sadly, due to Covid restrictions, we can’t even invite even our favourite beer writers for a taster. But a small number of lucky pledgers will be able to enjoy a case of the stuff just in time for Christmas.

The new beer will be available in cans for the first time and will be found at the London Beer Dispensary, Dulwich Beer Dispensary and the Southey Beer Shop

Deserter x Southey Collabs

Deserter IPA was the first of five collaborations between blogger and brewer, that included None More Black (BIPA), Gamechanger (DIPA), Football Saison and Lazy Jesus (Session APA). 

Southey Head Brewer, Sam Barber, himself mentored by Kent brewing legend Eddie Gadd, developed Deserter IPA with Deserter’s founders, Andrew Grumbidge and Vincent Raison, who unashamedly aimed for something – or even someone – they liked as much as Thornbridge’s Jaipur. Incredibly, thanks to Sam, they found it. 

Sam, in turn, described the boys’ attempts to assist with the brewing process as “Helpful…at first.”

Southey Brewing Company

Tucked away in an alley behind the high street and brewing since December 2016, Southey Brewing Co is Penge’s finest (and only) micro brewery, producing a full range of brewing styles from Vietnamese Lager to West Coast IPA.

Operating a 6-Barrel kit and brewing a range of classic ales, bitter and stout with respect to traditional techniques, alongside a solid staple of hop forward IPAs, APAs with frequent forays in the yeast-led world of Belgian & German beers, everything Southey produce is made with care and attention to detail and the highest quality ingredients.

For the last 4 years Southey have been selling their beer in their taproom on Southey Street and in their pubs in Brighton and South East London.

About Deserter

Andrew and Vincent founded the lifestyle blog, Deserter, in 2014 to pass on their learnings so that future generations could avoid the evils of hard work, ambition and sobriety. Their frequent homage led to a loyal, but lazy following of like-minded individuals and, within a year, to the brewing of Deserter IPA, a mouth-watering alternative to writing. 

Nevertheless, the blog led to the acclaimed alt-travel book Today South London, Tomorrow South London (Unbound, 2018), an Amazon Travel Best Seller and the London Evening Standard Comedy Book of the Year, plus appearances on BBC Radio and numerous park benches. 

The Deserter Pubcast has been lauded as an ‘essential’ listen by both The Sunday Times and Esquire magazine but now the authors turn their attention back to publishing and to providing a blueprint for a happy life, shorn of duty and deference and filled with celebration and sausage rolls; to the three commandments: Shirk, Rest and Play.

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