Poets’ Corner

Introducing Jake Hawkey (above), a poet from South London, with the pen of an angel, if angels had pens. I mean, where would they keep them? Never seen a pocket on an angel. They could stick one behind behind an ear, I suppose. Anyway, some would say I’m digressing. (While others will share my concerns about the sheer impracticality of the heavenly messengers’ wardrobe.)

Jake Hawkey writes beautifully about ‘class dynamics, winning goldfish at the circus, and iridescent romances’, as well as the characters south of the river. His debut chapbook of poems, Breeze Block is published this week, available for just £3, and is a quite astonishing collection. The online launch features the acclaimed poets Roy McFarlane and Milena Williamson, on Thursday 26th 7.30-9pm and tickets are free.

Here is an example of his striking work:

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