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Shirk, Rest and Play

We are delighted to announce we are crowdfunding for a new Deserter book, Shirk, Rest and Play (And Live Happily Ever After), to be published by Unbound.


The second and, who knows, perhaps final book of the Deserter trilogy is not just a self-help guide to a better life, but a call to arms to wrest back your existence from the grasp of obligation and fall into the loving arms of your sofa. The authors reveal the tactics, secrets and shortcuts to a more fulfilled, but less tiring existence. We can all benefit from their single-minded determination to get the most out of life by doing less.

But this vital contribution to humanity’s evolution will only come to pass with the support of you, dear reader. Your backing will make this book happen and enable billions of millions of people to share in the fruits of indolence and find a path to contentment though sloth. Really, if these clowns can do it, anyone can.


Happily there are some advantages for backers in this model. Each level of pledge comes with its own reward, from the simple ‘get your name in the book’ to being written into the thing as a character, with your own drawing and everything. 

We’re delighted that Emily Medley will again be illustrating the book, as our scribes usher us through the minefield of work to the easy life, and manfully face the challenges of endless leisure. There’s advice on the home, money, and, as you would expect from these two stunners, fulsome reflections on how to approach health and beauty. 

There are even some illuminating words on death which will give us all something to look forward to.


No expense has been spared gathering the thoughts of world-beating experts in the field with contributions from: Dirty South, the Dulwich Raider, Half-life, Roxy and Spider, plus the wisdom of the Corporate Deserter, Ivan Osman.

So why not take the opportunity to be a part of a new bible, a Deserter bible – a manifesto for the hammock generation? 

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