2020: In Pictures

Best year ever, right?


The Old Nun’s Head picked up the World Cup of Pubs trophy. Ah, pubs. Remember them?

Pic: D. Cameron

We got smashed at the awards party and had such a tremendous hangover we empathised with a chair:

Spotter: G. Ramage


Back in the carefree days of February, you could still enjoy a full English on the train to work.

And @itsDaveCronin spotted a tricky Valentine’s Day conundrum.

Decision made


At the beginning of March, pubs were still making us happy.

Spotter: M. Eames

But by the end they had closed and we were all told to stay home. What a difference a year makes:

Via R. Stone


In April our Dulwich Raider and Dirty South made their Swedish theatre debut. As puppets. Outside the Dog & Bell, Deptford. Strange times.


And, like Steve M. here, we all got busy discovering new drinking spots at home:



In May the Government unveiled its new slogan:

Via @L3GSV, Twitter

While new licence regulations forced some traders to tweak their offerings.

Pint of Flowers, please


With the pubs still closed, but the parks open, sales of camping chairs went through the roof. But it was the camping sofa that marked you out as different. Special, even.

Park life

April showers came late, but the resourceful drinker still found a way.

Station Arms, Herne Hill


Lockdown was eased but London Polish club, Ognisko Polskie, wasn’t taking any chances with its hand sanitiser.

Spotter: C. Mulley

The pubs reopened and one punter in Slough was determined to make the most of it.


With flights limited, we introduced our Deserter Summer Getaways for the holiday season: A good sit down with a tiny wine and a tube of Pringles, £499 return.

Spotter: Scolly

Others stayed local to enjoy the range of domestic events available up and down the country.


We said a final goodbye to the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, now closed, awaiting demolition.

Bodega bye bye

While the introduction of a 10pm pub curfew effectively made daytime drinking the law:



Restrictions on mixing indoors saw the sudden appearance of Pub Tents, springing up everywhere, like boozy crime scenes.

Spotter: Mel

And it was reassuring to see, in Loughborough Junction, that people were looking out for one another:

Spotter: M. Eames


In November we launched a new beer to cash in on the pandemic, like we were Tories or something:

And we also launched the crowdfunder for our new book, Shirk, Rest and Play, a brilliant self-help guide to living, loving and loafing, though not necessarily in that order.

Pledged for your copy, yet?


We hope that, like us, you managed to enjoy your Christmas, whether it was some time out with someone you love:

Table for one, please

Or a spot of last-minute Christmas shopping:

Beating the rush

Happy New Year from Deserter. Let’s face it, it can’t get much worse.

Via M. Jones



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