2021: The Year in Pictures


It is almost one year since they closed all the pubs. Happy annivirusy! The Raider tortured us on Twitter by photographing a closed pub every day, “just to check they were still there”.

After a snow flurry, an ancient fertility symbol was erected on Wandsworth Common.

Spotter: Jenty


In Brixton, the full band line up for the Lambeth Country Show was announced.

@martinrw, Twitter

Meanwhile, with the pubs shut, we were forced to make our own.


We reached 100% funding for our new book with Unbound. Massive thanks to everyone who pledged for a copy. Contrary to hurtful tittle-tattle suggesting that we simply took the money and “pissed it up against the wall”, we’re pleased to announce that it is in the final stages of production and has a publishing date of 1st September, 2022.

Sad news reached us that developers had finally come for Brockwell Park’s beloved Secret Squirrel House.

Spotter: Helena


After more than three months, the pubs were due to open again and publiminal messaging was spotted everywhere.

Via Debra Reynolds

Finally, the big day came. Pompey and Cyclo were unable to contain themselves on the way the Blythe Hill Tavern. At 11am.

Merry Caskmas!


As the weather warmed up, thoughts turned momentarily to getting off our arses and doing something about the lockdown lard.

Spotter: @KeriWarbis, Twitter


In order to cheer up the nation, we launched “Deserterland” in London, a 25-metre-high artificial hill located next to Marble Arch, with VIP bins, a smoking hut and everything.

An unholy alliance of aesthetes, realists and the plain jealous pillioried it on social media and made us look like fucking idiots. Thanks.


Time-wasting excellence from Michael M.

“I’ve designed a t-shirt with a mouse pointer on it so that when you’re on a zoom call people desperately scramble to move it but ha ha joke’s on them, they are total idiots.”


The football returned and what a treat to watch the beautiful game again. Perhaps with a little drink of something nice?

Go on then, you’ve twisted my arm.

Via @pottsyA, Twitter, away with Millwall at Gillingham


We were pleased to report that finally someone had taken on the scourge of sitting down for a bit.

Via @HMittelmark, Twitter


We had to agree with Nick Walker, who argued that “this is the second best named South London chicken shop after Ferfect”.


What? Fuck off.

Spotter: @drdickdixon, Twitter

We finally got to open Deserter pop-up bar, Tipples.

Spotter: Anna-Louise

And we found the best Christmas shopping list ever.

Finally, we’re sorry to announce that Deserter 2022 Calendar is now sold out.

Hoppy New Year!

Photos: Antony Medley