Deserter Summer Social

The Dulwich Raider and Dirty South cordially invite you to join them for a New Cross Knees Up. Come and meet friends old and new, drink beer and enjoy a nice lean in SE14’s newest pub.

WHEN: Wednesday, 29th June, from 5pm

WHERE: The Shirker’s Rest, 9, Lewisham Way, SE14


  • The return of Deserter IPA
  • The Raider pulling pints
  • Dirty South with his feet up
  • Pompey Dunc filling out forms in the A20 Lounge

In a move to gladden the hearts of book-lovers everywhere, the Raider and Dirts have pledged not to read from their forthcoming book, Shirk, Rest and Play.

‘We did think about it but in the end we couldn’t be bothered.’ said Dirty South

‘But it’s the thought that counts,’ added the Raider.

So, nick off work early and take Thursday morning off sick. See you for the 2022 Deserter Summer Social.

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